Sunday 28th October 2018
Another day which lacked planning. My original suggestion of heading out into the countryside for lunch at a country pub met with the compromise of a stroll across Hampstead Heath and lunch at one of the pubs around there. At Erika's insistence that then was further revised to lunch at the Assembly House in Kentish Town (not particularly close to Hampstead Heath), and ultimately the stroll across the heath was abandoned when Erika met up with a friend, and went to her place to carve pumpkins. I initially set out to the heath regardless, then was thwarted by a sudden downpour, and some amount of lethargy.
London October 2018
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Lunch in the Assembly House. The food was OK but the beer tasted very off. I opted for bottled cider instead.


Later on, to try and erase the memory of the earlier unpleasant beer, I went to the Southampton Arms. I was amused by their "Suggest an ale" board...

..."a bitter"... "As above - we don't really need 8 IPAs!!".