Old Holborn - London October 2010

Old Holborn

Saturday 23rd October 2010

Another trip to the London Metropolitan Archives, followed by a wander around some of the older parts of Holborn, taking some pictures of historic buildings.

London October 2010
17:00:24 One of the entrances to Lincoln's Inn.17:03:24 At the bottom of Chancery Lane, the library for King's College.17:04:19 Sign pointing to Clifford's Inn.
17:06:08 The gateway to Clifford's Inn, the only part of the original buildings which remains.17:10:06 Statue marking the former location of Temple Bar on the Strand, marking the edge of the City of London.17:10:14
17:10:21 17:11:26 A pair of Atlantes opposite the Royal Courts of Justice.17:11:32 Lloyds Bank Law Courts Branch.
17:16:55 Strand Lane, which is closed at weekends, at the far end is an old building next to the Old Roman Baths.17:17:05 17:18:23 Up the other end of Strand Lane.
17:25:46 The Old Curiosity Shop.17:29:06 One side of Lincoln's Inn.17:30:17 I think this is the Great Hall at Lincoln's Inn, which dates from 1489.
17:30:25 17:31:35 Looking down one end of Carey Street to the back of the Royal Cours of Justice.17:56:23 The parish boundary marker between St. Clement Danes and St. Dunstan in the West.
17:57:15 The entrance to New Square of Lincoln's Inn on Carey Street.