Sunday - London October 2009


Sunday 25th October 2009

A Sunday afternoon stroll around London, including coffee at Caffe Vergano, and a wander down the Mall.

London October 2009
11:06:57 This is me amidst a complex backup operation.11:07:08 Chie also being quite nerdy.13:06:54 Ramen for lunch - very nice!
13:07:45 13:08:00 13:08:16
13:08:35 Chie enjoying the ramen.13:19:40 Lots of shirts hanging up.15:17:29 A latte at Caffe Vergnano.
15:17:39 Chie at Caffe Vergnano.15:18:12 My espresso con panna.15:29:01 There's the Caffe Vergnano from the outside.
15:53:14 Rather liked the sky today...15:53:22 ....which prompted a slew of random photos...15:53:49
15:54:04 15:58:27 16:00:23
16:00:32 16:01:16 16:06:27
16:27:00 Some sort of changing of the guard type procession along the Mall.16:27:13 There they are in front of Buckingham Palace.16:27:20