Regency Cafe and the Houses of Parliament - London October 2009

Regency Cafe and the Houses of Parliament

Saturday 24th October 2009

Breakfast at the Regency Cafe followed by a late morning stroll taking in views of the Houses of Parliament.

London October 2009
11:03:33 Chie tucking into her breakfast at the Regency Cafe.11:06:55 My breakfast.11:07:40 I don't think this picture quite captures how deliriously happy I am when having breakfast here.
11:22:41 The Regency from the outside.11:22:59 ...and ahain in portrait - really quite an attractive building all told.11:30:30 Couldn't help but take this picture of an embarassing screen in an estate agents window.
11:35:12 A few pictures of the Houses of Parliament taking whilst crossing over the river...11:35:27 11:35:38 Testing the zoom out on my camera here.
11:37:16 That's quite nicely framed I think. Shame it was such a grey day though!11:38:55 11:39:06
11:41:19 Why does that lamppost look at such an angle?11:41:46 11:41:56