Sunday - London October 2009


Sunday 18th October 2009

More random pictures from a similarly non-descript Sunday.

London October 2009
10:34:40 The baumkuchen I'd brought back from Japan for Chie. This was very nice.12:23:21 Chie on her balance ball.12:23:56
14:02:10 The omiyage set I'd also brought back from Japan for Chie - an assortment of Japanese sweets.14:02:23 Rather attractive isn't it?14:02:34
14:07:10 One of the sweets with a nice cup of tea.18:09:55 Later on we thought we'd go for an early pre-dinner drink at the Cardinal, a Sam Smith pub.18:56:41 ...and we continued to wander randomly from there. Here's Big Ben.
18:57:01 ...and there it is again with some nice motion blur in the foreground.18:57:53 ...and one more.19:53:03 Later on - another Sam Smith pub - the beautiful Princess Louise.