Thursday 5th November 2020
Sad news today, Vera passed away, at the great age of 101. I went for a short walk in the mist in the morning, then in the evening Erika and I sat out in the garden looking at the stars and watching what we could see of the fireworks.
John's Pictures

Quite misty this morning.

After dropping Erika at school, I thought I'd go for a short walk around the neighbourhood to see the mist.

Doesn't really come across much in the photos - it just looks grey.


I thought Little Green Street might look scenic in the mist, but it was more grey than anything.



In the evening, after we'd heard the sad news about Vera. The skies had cleared by this time, and I could see some stars, which gave a backdrop to some quiet reflection.

Erika came and joined me, and we sat together watching the fireworks. Obviously it was November 5th, but somehow it seemed tonight the fireworks were in Vera's honour. Attempts to take pictures or videos of the fireworks were hopeless, so I thought instead I'd just take a picture of the two of us to remember the moment.