London November 2012
November 2012
Pictures from London with Erika in November 2012.
John's Pictures

Thursday 1st November 2012
A few random weekday pictures of Erika.
Friday 2nd November 2012
A few more random pictures of Erika.
Erika meets Rob, Kate and Felix
Saturday 3rd November 2012
We took Erika on her first trip out of London today, to go to Reading so she could meet Rob, Kate and Felix. Also in the evening we went out to watch some of the fireworks display in Battersea Park.
Passport Photo
Sunday 4th November 2012
Went to get a passport photo taken for Erika this afternoon.
Monday 5th November 2012
Ate dinner Japanese style!
Baby Bjorn
Tuesday 6th November 2012
A couple of pictures of Erika in the Baby Bjorn in the kitchen.
Wednesday 7th November 2012
A present for Erika from our friends Florian and Nadja in Zurich.
Thursday 8th November 2012
...including a trip to the supermarket with Erika.
Afternoon Tea with Erika and Grandma
Friday 9th November 2012
Mum came to visit London to see Erika again, so while Chie was having her hair cut me and Mum took Erika to Fortnum and Mason for afternoon tea.
Parliament Square
Saturday 10th November 2012
I took Erika for an early evening stroll to Parliament Square.
Dim Sum
Sunday 11th November 2012
Dim sum at Joy King Lau in the afternoon.
Monday 12th November 2012
Just one picture of Erika in her car seat.
Fish Free Prawns
Tuesday 13th November 2012
A pasta dish I made for dinner involving Linda McCartney Fish Free King Prawns.
Burrito by Bunckingham Palace
Wednesday 14th November 2012
Had a burrito for lunch, eaten outside Buckingham Palace.
Day Off
Thursday 15th November 2012
Took the day off work today for various baby related errands, and also fit in a hair cut and a stroll around St. James's, then out for a pint in the evening with Al.
Friday 16th November 2012
Wednesday 21st November 2012
Some midweek pictures of Erika.
Friday 23rd November 2012
A couple of pictures of Erika on Friday.
Saturday 24th November 2012
An attempt to make the most of a rather wet and dreary Saturday.
Hyde Park
Sunday 25th November 2012
Walked to Hyde Park and back again.
Wednesday 28th November 2012
A few random midweek pictures of Erika.
Erika Goes To Oliveto
Thursday 29th November 2012
Erika's first visit to Oliveto!
St. Andrew's Day Supper
Friday 30th November 2012
Instead of a Burns Night this year we held a St. Andrew's Day Supper (and otherwise served pretty much exactly the same food and drink). It also seemed like a good opportunity to dress Erika up in a kilt.