A Slightly Ridiculous Trip to Rye and Camber Sands
Sunday 2nd May 2021
Went for a rash and ill advised day trip in the car all the way down to Rye, followed by Camber Sands. Over five hours of driving in total, in return for half an hour queuing in the rain for fish and chips in Rye, then probably even less time in the cold, wind and rain on Camber Sands.
London May 2021
John's Pictures

Somewhere in London we spotted graffiti with Chie's sister's name.

The Blackwall tunnel.

Finally in Rye now, and there was a brief period on arrival before it started raining where it all seemed quite pleasant.

Nik naks in the window of one of Rye's shops.

Walking the cobbled streets of Rye.

Toby jugs.

Unfortunately this is my lasting memory of most of our time spent in Rye on this visit - standing in the rain waiting for fish and chips. It was really quite miserable, made worse by some grumpy locals rudely asking me not to stand on the bit of pavement outside their house (as if they have any right to do so, it's public property). Given the fact no pubs or restaurants could open for indoor service at the moment this was pretty much the only place in town to get hot food, and they were clearly very overstretched - we waited about half an hour for our food. In the rain.

Finally we got our fish and chips, which we took back to the car to eat, because it was too miserable outside to do anything else.

In fairness they were actually quite good - albeit that this photo of my halloumi and chips may not look especially appetising.

Next stop on our not very successful day out was to Camber Sands. Once again on arrival we put a brave face on it and tried to enjoy ourselves regardless...

...we even give the impression of looking like we're enjoying ourselves here, for the benefit of the camera...

...and Erika and I made a concerted effort to build sandcastles, having brought the buckets and spades all this way.

Erika braveley battling against the elements to continue our construction work.

Chie and I again giving a misleading impression that we're actually having a nice time.

...but after perhaps 20 minutes on the beach we decided it was just too cold and wet and thought we should just go home. There's our little sand castle construction.