Sunny Saturday with Chie and Junchan - London May 2009

Sunny Saturday with Chie and Junchan

Saturday 30th May 2009

A very nice day out in London going to lots of parks while Junchan was visiting us for the weekend.

London May 2009

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12:51:03 The big logo outside channel 4's headquarters - have photographed this a few times - this time it was all covered in umbrellas!12:54:25 12:54:52

12:56:19 Me and Junchan in front of the big 4.12:56:36 Yes - umbrellas!12:56:56

13:02:54 Chie and Junchan pretending to look like criminals (?!) in front of the famous New Scotland Yard sign.13:11:37 Buckingham Palace seen through St. James's Park.13:11:43 ...and a bit zoomed in.

13:12:39 The girls on the bridge.13:19:47 The Mall looking very nice all lined up with big Union Jacks.13:19:54 ...and in the other direction.

13:30:42 The sign to one of my favourite London shops - Berry Brothers and Rudd.13:31:26 St. James's Palace.13:54:59 The Japan Centre, where we bought things for lunch.

14:13:07 Asahi Super Dry!14:18:50 Having a picnic in Green Park.14:20:35 What I ate for lunch - some vegetarian compatible sushi from the Japan Centre.

14:21:43 A picture from my proper camera of the girls having lunch in the park.14:23:30 Mmmmm!14:26:24 ...and another one from the mobile phone after we'd moved out of the shade.

14:26:36 Just Chie here.14:29:22 Ye more of the same! It was a lovely day though...14:30:13 Mmmmmmm Asahi.

15:28:16 The girls in front of the Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner.15:35:40 Me by a fountain in Hyde Park...15:36:04 ...and with Junchan.

15:37:24 I really liked the colour of this rose here.15:37:40 The girls enjoying the rose garden.15:37:48

15:38:59 16:52:33 Ice cream! At Oddono's in South Kensington.16:55:25 ...and another picture.

19:31:42 Later on, champagne and canapes out in the garden.19:32:14 ...and again from the other angle.19:33:15 Vegetarian caviar!