Ploughman's, Afternoon Tea and Haircut - London May 2007

Ploughman's, Afternoon Tea and Haircut

Sunday 20th May 2007

A few pictures from a day which is quite adequately described by the title.

London May 2007

13:53:12 Here's the table set for lunch - a sort of Ploughman's.13:53:19 The cheese board - from left to right we have Lincolnshire Poacher, Swiss Emmental, a Cotswolds' Brie, and some Twineham Grange.15:57:03 Afternoon tea - scones, clotted cream, strawberry jam and a couple of choux buns (which actually were a bit of a letdown).

22:15:47 Chie and I both got haircuts today, so here's a picture of the results...22:16:09 ...and another one which is a bit blurry...22:16:29 ...and another one with Chie's fringe reconfigured.