Joi Buffet and the British Museum - London May 2007

Joi Buffet and the British Museum

Saturday 12th May 2007

A fabulously tasty lunch at Joi Buffet, followed by a bit of a wander around the British Museum.

London May 2007

Here's the outside of the restaurant, just off Tottenham Court Road. The food here was absolutely superb - probably the best meal out I've had this year (and probably one of the cheapest too). Me and Chie in a self portrait, taken in the main hall of the British Museum... this one didn't come out so well... ...there seemed to be a little mirror type device on the back of phone, which is handy for these kinds of self portrait.

...a bust of Herclues, who had a really massive head it seemed (the scale is not so evident here). Alas my mobile really falls down in low lighting - ah well.