Tea and a Walk Along the Thames - London May 2007

Tea and a Walk Along the Thames

Sunday 06th May 2007

A slightly belated birthday tea for Chie, followed by a walk along the Thames.

London May 2007

14:10:50 A spot of fternoon tea, feature the cakes we'd bought in Harrod's the day before, and the Noritake tea set.14:11:25 Chie's tart.14:11:54 My cheesecake... both of these were very good.

14:14:34 Look at that lovely noritake cup and saucer.14:17:06 Chie clearly enjoying her cake!14:47:42 Two Macs happily cohabiting.

14:53:02 Out in the gardens...14:53:32 There seemed to be a lot of daisies out today!15:06:45 Taken out the front of the Tate Britain.

15:45:46 More daises but bigger ones here, by the side of the Tate Britain.15:45:51 ...and more flowers.15:45:57 Rather like this picture.

15:46:32 A bit at the side of the Tate Britain.15:47:58 My new GPS receiver, I was recording as we were walking about today.16:00:29 The houses of Parliament, taken from Lambeth bridge.

16:00:37 A bit of the river.16:02:32 There's the Houses of Parliament again - I really like this picture.16:05:27 Part of Lambeth Palace, the London residence of my Dad's friend the Archbishop.

16:21:12 The Houses of Parliament again, but this time taken from Westminster Bridge, and looking decidedly overcast.16:24:18 Big Ben (yes I know technically this is called St. Stephen's Clock Tower or whatever), looking somewhat imposing.17:13:13 At the Thai place in Soho, Chie attacking her meal.