Monday before New York
Monday 27th March 2017
The day before I went off to New York on my business trip. I worked from home, and popped down to the place where my party had been held at lunchtime to pick up the portrait I'd entirely accidentally forgotten to take home after the party. Honest.
London March 2017
John's Pictures

Another image the camera on my phone has failed to save properly. Anyway you can just about make out that the people who run the event space had actually hun my portrait on the wall!

Here's the portrait in the back of a taxi.

On arrival back at home I tried out a couple of locations for where it might possibly be hung.

At the time of writing it is not permanently hung up anywhere, and has spent most of its time at home hidden behind some boxes in the back bedroom.

I picked Erika up from school today as a treat (for me as much as her) as I wouldn't be seeing her for the next few days.

We got ice lollies on the ay home from an ice cream van rather cheekily parked right outside the school.


I also had a light spritz as it was such a nice day before going back to work for another hour or two.

Shuffled around some pictures a bit - this was previously hung in the corridor.


Tested out the portrait in the corridor but it was rather intimidating.

Erika getting ready for bed in some rather eccentric pyjamas.