Afternoon Stroll - London March 2011

Afternoon Stroll

Sunday 27th March 2011

Whilst Chie was having an afternoon nap, recovering from her recent dental surgery, I decided to go out for a nice long stroll, all the way to Holborn.

London March 2011

16:22:24 A nice lamp post and Vauxhall Bridge.16:23:50 It was low tide - anyone fancy sunbathing on the beach?16:23:58 Struggled a bit to try and get both the "beach" and Vauxhall Bridge in - and look there's also a canoer.

16:35:47 Victoria Gardens, the little park to the side of the Houses of Parliament, at the Victoria Tower end.16:35:58 Some nice views to be had down through the trees here to the Houses of Parliament.16:37:23

16:37:48 16:39:32 16:39:36

16:56:12 Evidence from yesterday's protests yesterday.17:11:05 Signs on the corner of Portgual Street - apparently this building was the head office of W H Smith.17:14:54 Outside the Seven Stars now - and the famous paw of Tom the pub cat on the sign.

17:28:55 As it was quiet I took the opportunity to get some pictures of the lovely frontage of the Seven Stars.17:29:01 17:34:44 ...and particularly the contents of the cabinets of curiosities on the window sills.

17:35:28 The Cabinet of Largesse.