Sunday Stroll - London March 2010

Sunday Stroll

Sunday 28th March 2010

Chie went out to see a friend this afternoon, so I went for a long stroll by myself which ended up being a bit pointless really.

London March 2010

10:36:16 Pancakes with Marmite!14:41:54 Attempt to take a picture of a tree in blossom in St. James's Park, but the camera on my phone couldn't cope with the lighting conditions at all it seems.15:40:54 The Royal Courts of Justice in all their gothic splendour.
15:41:02 ...and again.15:49:56 Hodge, Dr. Johnson's Cat.15:51:25 Dr Johnson's House.
15:51:39 ...a bit hard to get it all in a picture as it's in front of quite a small courtyard.