Sunday Stroll in Battersea and Chelsea - London March 2010

Sunday Stroll in Battersea and Chelsea

Sunday 21st March 2010

Went for a Sunday afternoon stroll along the Thames, through Battersea Park, and back over the bridge and into Chelsea. Visited the Carlisle house in Chelsea and had first outdoor beer of the year!

London March 2010

14:58:04 Some yachts on the Thames.14:58:15 15:24:52 The river as seen from Battersea Park.
15:24:58 The pagoda in Battersea Park.15:31:52 The Albert Bridge.15:32:00
17:18:49 Outside the Duke of Wellington on the edge of Belgravia. This one is a bit washed out.17:19:17 ...this one is a bit better.17:20:21
17:20:31 17:55:05 There's Thomas Cubitt, the architect responsible for Belgravia and Pimlico.