Sunday - London March 2010


Sunday 7th March 2010

Lunch at the Black Friar, followed by a bit of a Sunday afternoon wander around, including a coffee at the Tate Modern.

London March 2010

13:34:00 Black Friar with St. Paul's in the background.13:35:00 The Black Friar.13:46:15 Me inside the Black Friar.
13:46:37 14:06:03 Chie waiting for her lunch.14:18:47 Lunch finally arrived!
14:20:12 14:47:20 Fire bell outside the Black Friar.14:52:17 St. Paul's.
15:11:46 Coffee in the Tate Modern.15:12:00 Rather a nice clear blue sky today.15:12:12
15:14:27 Hmmm a bit dark!15:14:45 15:16:09
16:22:11 16:25:37 16:25:45