Wednesday Night Out - London March 2009

Wednesday Night Out

Wednesday 25th March 2009

Was supposed to go out with some people from work tonight, that never happened, so instead went out drinking with Chie.

London March 2009

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19:06:50 Chie in front of St. Paul's cathedral.19:48:45 In El Vino, where we had some champagne and tapas.20:05:59 Some Pol Roger Reserve. This was quite nice.

20:06:38 Me in El Vino.20:06:44 ...I think I'm mid way through eating here.20:55:38 Chie at the end of Ely Court, home of Ye Old Mitre.

21:07:35 In the whisky society now.21:07:38 21:07:46

21:08:08 22:21:53 On the tube on the way home.22:22:38 Some fashion shots of me in my tweed jacket.

22:22:42 22:22:49 Yes I'm picking my nose. Deal with it.22:40:58 It seemed oppressive having to stand all the time on escalators.