Sunday Stroll - London March 2009

Sunday Stroll

Sunday 22nd March 2009

One of our aimless weekend strolls, from Pimlico to Kensington.

London March 2009

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13:18:45 I think this might actually be cherry blossom.13:47:54 An interesting post.13:55:44 We'll take it.

14:06:30 The Michelin building, Chie is quite fond of this.14:14:16 Pub menus, taken for a friend of Chie's who is researching this.14:14:21

14:14:25 14:26:45 An interesting archway...14:26:52 ....looks like there may have been a matching one on the other side of the road originally.

14:36:52 Quite an impressive tree.16:07:22 A quick picnic in Hyde Park.16:07:35 Tooshottu! they say in Japan.

16:14:34 Lots of nice blossom out.16:14:49 16:14:54

16:15:08 ...and this tree also had charms hung from it.16:19:43 More blossom, near the Royal Albert Hall.16:20:06