East London pub Tour with Andy - London March 2009

East London pub Tour with Andy

Saturday 14th March 2009

A re-run of last month's East London pub tour, this time with slightly better planning regarding crossing the river, and with my friend Andy in tow.

London March 2009

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13:46:26 Pub number 1, The Mayflower. Andy, not one of diminutive stature, is helpfully demonstrating the mediaeval dimensions of the doors here.14:42:57 Pub number 2, The Angel, where we also had lunch. On of my favourites this one.15:45:23 Pub number 3, The Anchor Tap.

15:46:56 Tower Bridge had obviously been getting cold recently, so they've covered part of it in this giant sock.15:47:12 ....the holes were interesting too.15:50:40 The view from Tower Bridge.

15:54:42 One of the towers.17:00:44 A running theme of today were these bridge/balcony things which we saw in a few places.17:34:22 Seem to have neglected to take any pictures in pub number 4 (The Town of Ramsgate) and this is in fact taken from pub number 5 (The Captain Kidd). Nice bit of a sunset over the Thames there.

17:34:29 The opposite bank bathed in the late afternoon sun, and looking over towards Canary Wharf. A Turner-esque quality to this, methinks.18:24:23 Canary Wharf, as seen from pub number 6, The Prospect of Whitby.18:24:33 Andy looking out over the water whilst recalling a painful hair plucking incident.

18:25:08 Andy pinching Canary Wharf. He was very pleased with this shot.18:27:40 The Prospect of Whitby from the front.18:27:50 ...erm, and again. I think I was waiting for Andy to go to the toilet.

18:32:26 Canary Wharf again...18:35:16 ...and again. I think this was just before pub number 7, The Narrow, which I neglected to take any pictures of (it was some kind of Gordon Ramsay venture I believe, nothing to write home about).19:47:42 Out the back of the 8th and final pub, The Grapes, and here's Andy and I comparing the maps features on our phones. Hmmm.

20:18:59 Good night then Andy!