Dust, Chinese Food and a New Port Ellen - London March 2009

Dust, Chinese Food and a New Port Ellen

Sunday 1st March 2009

A bit of a mixed bag of a Saturday.

London March 2009

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11:35:29 Chie cleaning one of the filters on our vacuum cleaner.11:35:43 What a lot of dust!14:19:17 Whilst perusing menus in Chinatown...

14:42:51 ...a late lunch at Mr. Kong on Lisle Street.14:42:57 14:47:21 Me tucking in.

14:47:24 14:47:27 14:47:31 ...all very nice.

15:22:29 Some nice spring blooms in Soho Gardens (or whatever this little patch of grass is called).18:39:43 Back at the flat, my new Port Ellen...18:40:14 ...a John Milroy 25 year old.