London March 2007

Chinatown and Cake - London March 2007

Chinatown and Cake

Friday 9th March 2007

A Friday night out featuring dinner in Chinatown and then cake at a nearby patisserie.

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09:43:31 A random picture in the morning of me and my iPod.

09:43:49 a purple tulip in a Sol bottle.

20:04:14 Chie enjoying some hot and sour soup at New World in Chinatown.

20:04:45 My soup, whose name escapes me.

20:12:58 Main courses - good old monk's vegetables and a kind of tofu tempura.

20:45:36 Later on, some very pleasant cake at Maison Bertaux.

21:08:21 A picture of the shop window...

21:08:29 ...and the waiter randomly in shot here.

21:10:16 The shop front from the outside.