Friday 18th June 2021
Quite a winey sort of day - took delivery of a crate (yes an actual wooden crate!) of Chateaue Lafaurie-Peyraguey 2001, my favourite dessert wine, conveniently in half bottles. Also a mixed case of Chateau Musar, of 6 different vintages from 1998 to 2019 arrived. In the evening took some 2018 Louis Boillot Gevrey Chambertin to the heath to try (it was surprisingly drinkable already) and then back at home had some Lafaurie Peyraguey, with strawberries of course.
London June 2021
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The crate of Lafaurie-Peyraguey. Or at least that's what I hoped it was, the delivery driver had left it on my doorstep this way up, and there was no discernible label on it!

After a little while I figure out it had been standing on the end with the branding.

So that was reassuring.

It took a while to get this open - I used a combination of a flat bladed screwdriver and the claw peen of a hammer. Very nicely arranged inside.


I was suddenly inspired to have a go at a bit of woodwork, and using the two pieces of wood that had formed the lid of the crate, plus a few little bits of wood I'd bought as kindling, I made this simple box shape to use as a stand to raise the crate off the cellar floor a bit.

Close up on my handiwork.

Later on, a mixed case of Chateau Musar arrived. Looking forward to these!

They also sent some free wine prongs, which was a nice touch (although I already have some).

On the way to the heath, oddly there were some pallets by the side of the road here.

As it had been raining most of the day (at times quite heavily) the heath was pleasingly deserted when I arrive - it's pretty much unheard of to see all these benches atop Parliament Hill empty, especially at this time on a Friday evening.

Some sort of bird of prey was hovering overhead.

It wasn't easy to get a photo of as it was flapping so fast.

The view, a little grey and cloudy together, but all the more appreciated for the peace and quiet I had around me.

Zooming in on the gloom.


I thought I'd try this - another Gevrey Chambertin I'd bought en primeur from BBR back in January 2020, which I'd recently had delivered following a reminder from them that I'd otherwise have to pay for another year's cellar fees. I was surprissed at how drinkable it was already, at not even quite three years old.

I think this is a green woodpecker, it was behaving a little strangely.

Sort of hopping about pecking the ground - more like a chicken than the behaviour you'd expect from a woodpecker.


Again hard to get a good photo as it was moving quite quickly!

It's hard to get a satisfying picture of my wine racks as the cellar is rather cramped and narrow, but anyway it is looking gratifyingly full after today's deliveries. The Lafaurie-Peyraguey isn't really visible here, it's down beyond the end.

After dinner, some Lafaurie-Peyraguey and, of course, strawberries.