Dim sum
Monday 7th June 2021
Erika had another day off school today (a teacher training day after the half term holiday) so the girls went into the centre to do some shopping, and I joined them for a little while for lunch. We finally got back to our old favourite - dim sum at Joy King Lau - after a very long absence. It was just as good as always.
London June 2021
John's Pictures

The kai lan with ginger, how I have missed this.

Chie and Erika both looking very happy to be back at Joy King Lau.

...albeit outdoors!

Not sure which festival is being marked here but Chinatown was looking very nice in the sunshine with all the lanterns hanging up.

I took a photo of this shop as a mental note as I thought Erika might like it...

...and Chie informs me they went there together a little later on this afternoon.