London Open Garden Squares Weekend - Sunday - London June 2010

London Open Garden Squares Weekend - Sunday

Sunday 13th June 2010

Visited a total of seven gardens in Belgravia and Pimlico today - The Goring Hotel, Belgrave Square, Eaton Square, Chester Square, Eccleston Square, Warwick Square and Dolphin Square.

London June 2010

11:44:03 Whilst waiting for Kyle and Hannah at Victoria station, Chie and Mick having an iced coffeee.12:02:53 Now in the gardens of the Goring Hotel.12:11:27 Memorials to Mr and Mrs. Goring, the first owners of the hotel.
12:23:32 Playing croquet on the lawn at the Goring - this was really fun.12:26:12 12:37:37 I would like to point out that I won by quite a large margin.
13:20:03 In Belgrave Square Gardens now - this is a bust of architect George Basevi.13:23:21 Chie, Mick, Kyle and Hannah in Belgrave Square Gardens.13:23:40 ...same picture again with me having swapped places with Mick.
14:45:28 Outside the Grenadier, where we had a jolly nice pub lunch.15:21:11 Now in Eaton Square, where we enjoyed a jolly nice cup of Tom Tom coffee and a wonderfully violent Punch and Judy show.15:26:56 A Japanese Maple tree.
15:27:03 More shots of Eaton Square Gardens...15:28:28 15:28:32
15:29:50 15:36:30 15:52:36 Now in Chester Square Gardens - this is apparently where Margaret Thatcher lives (despite that it is rather lovely).
15:53:22 I particularly liked this little more formal section in the middle - apparently this used to be a little road.15:53:30 Very nice white roses in Chester Square.15:54:23
15:55:15 15:55:25 15:56:48
16:15:23 Now in Eccleston Square Gardens in Pimlico, which was suprisingly large on the inside, and very well kept indeed - in terms of the variet of interesting flora probably the best of the day.16:19:34 I rather liked this sign on the tennis courts in Eccleston Square.16:37:34 Our penultimate Garden - Warwick Square - particularly known for this vista over to St. Gabriel's Church.
16:39:22 A little closer up shot of St. Gabriel's Church.17:18:11 Finished off the day with Pimm's in the gardens of Dolphin Square - first a shot taken with my mobile...17:18:57 ....and then a slightly nicer shot with my proper camera.