London Open Garden Squares Weekend - Saturday - London June 2010

London Open Garden Squares Weekend - Saturday

Saturday 12th June 2010

Went to see a couple of gardens today as part of the Open Garden Squares Weekend: Marlborough House and Carlton House Terrace. Also had some excellent dim sum at Joy King Lau, and then back home in the evening for a Japanese meal.

London June 2010

14:17:19 The rather impressive Marlborough House.14:17:35 Chie in front of Marlborough House, looking somewhat regal I think.14:20:04
14:21:43 These flowers were wonderfully fragrant.14:21:51 14:22:29
14:42:55 In the next garden now: Carlton House Terrace, at the back of the Reform Club off Pall Mall.14:43:01 14:46:03
14:48:34 15:32:09 By this point we were very hungry, so descended upon Joy King Lau, and launched an assault on their excellent (and embarassingly cheap) dim sum somewhat ravenously. We had a really fantastic meal and were absolutely stuffed for a paltry £20 for the two of us.18:43:15 Me relaxing back at home.
20:29:00 This evening's dinner - a bit og a mish-mash of Japanese food.20:29:08 Dinner with Chie in shot.20:30:43 Hiyayako - raw tofu with grated ginger and spring onions.