Regency Café and Michelle's Birthday - London June 2009

Regency Café and Michelle's Birthday

Saturday 20th June 2009

Breakfast at the superb Regency Café and then the evening in Kent for Michelle's birthday.

London June 2009

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10:41:21 Chie sugaring the fabulously strong tea at the Regency.10:41:28 This really was on of the best vegetarian English breakfasts I've ever had - hidden under those fried eggs is some bubble and squeak, quite delicious.11:02:01 The Regency Café from the outside.

16:20:50 In Victoria station - a rather splendid steam locomotive was there to great us.16:20:57 16:21:06 ...there's the driver.

18:20:24 The cricket pavilion in East Malling which was to be the venue for this Michelle's birthday party.19:36:13 Out in the field, the beginnings of a reconstruction of stone henge, built from apple crates.20:23:27 The barbecue!

20:23:56 of Crate Henge proceeds..21:21:03 ...and a bit more - almost done there!21:21:17 Blurry picture of the pavilion as it starts to get dark.

21:22:48 Chie!21:25:05 I think that's the completed Crate Henge there...