North London Pub Crawl Number 2 - London June 2009

North London Pub Crawl Number 2

Saturday 6th June 2009

A repeat of mine and Andy's previously very successful North London pub crawl, this time with Andy's friend Michael in tow.

London June 2009

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12:23:44 Pub number 1 - The Oxford.12:23:51 Again a bit closer up.12:46:58 Next up an archictural survey of our very ornate second pub - The Assembly House.

12:47:11 The poster here reads "Spick and Span. Shipshape working place - Shipshape results - Shipshape record. How's it with you?" ... I think we've all learnt something there haven't we?12:47:21 Andy sitting at what has now become our usual table (having sat their on both visits).13:09:39 A couple of exterior shots of The Assembley House.

13:09:43 13:12:52 One of my personal favourites - Pub Number 3, The Pineapple.13:17:54 We got a better look at the interior this time, including this lovely Bass mirror...

13:18:36 ....and this far-too-good-to-be-in-a-pub high backed sofa...13:20:40 Yes the interior of The Pineapple was very photogenic.13:20:50

14:48:37 Pub Number 4 - and lunch - in The Junction Tavern.15:26:23 This did not feature in our lunch, I just found this poster interest.15:42:52 I failed the quest I set for the rest of my day to find a picture containing just the word "legs" in big letters.

15:43:23 So yes, that's pub number 5 - The Dartmouth Arms.15:43:45 16:29:59 The outside of The Dartmouth Arms, nice old sign on the building behind that too.

16:30:05 ...and again.16:30:25 BRANDIES! CHEESE! BOARD! CIDER! TOAST! etc...17:15:57 Pub number 6, The Bull and Last. I had wanted to omit this one but that didn't pan out for some reason, and so here we were again.

17:16:12 Apparently it does have some historical relevance - this was the last stop before central London for stagecoaches coming from the North.17:16:20 17:29:23 The very pleasant interlude of a stroll over Hampstead Heath.

17:30:01 ...isn't that nice!17:46:57 Having recently been to Tunbridge Wells I became interested in Chalybeate Springs, and apparently there was one here in Hampstead at some stage....17:51:01 Interesting to see the sort of news stories that concern people living in Hampstead.

17:51:12 Pub number 7. Ye Olde White Bear.18:00:51 Therein we had become peckish, and an array of bar snacks were consumed.18:01:20 ...twiglets, bacon flavour fries and scampi flavour fries.

18:32:40 Pub number 8 - The Duke of Hamilton. Actually quite a nice shot of the bar here.18:33:10 There's the Duke of Hamilton from the outside.19:12:48 In the alleyways of Hampstead...

19:13:14 Isn't that interesting? I rather liked the sign for Golden Yard as well.19:13:43 ...if you wanted to find out more about Golden Yard.19:15:01 ...and so to Pub Number 9, The Holly Bush.

19:15:24 A few exterior shots first...19:15:28 20:10:09 Hmmm... this might be pub number 10 or 11 - one of which was the Flask, the other I don't really remember.

20:55:16 Now you'll notice from the glass Michael is holding that this wasn't a pub. It's Goucho, where we waited opposite Jin Kichi for our table to become available.00:09:09 No photos in Jin Kichi then it seems... so here we are on the way home.00:13:38