What a Difference Two Days Make
Friday 16th July 2021
Finally some ripe blueberries in the garden! Also went for a late evening stroll to the heath after Erika went to bed.
London July 2021
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I took Erika to a local park earlier and bought a couple of these tins of gin and tonic (which are a bit nasty to be honest) thinking we might bump into another family from Erika's school, and perhaps I could sit and chew the cud with one of the parents over a gin and tonic while Erika and a friend played... but it turns out I'm a bit of a pariah these days thanks to, you know, having the power of independent thought and being inclined to form my own opinions about things rather than just falling in line with the local monoculture group think. So none of the parents there even said hello, let alone showed any inclination of wanting to chat over a drink. Thus I brought the naff cans of gin and tonic home instead. The crisps were good though.

Attempted to take an arty photo of a cork.

Finally some ripe blueberries!

Well two at least.

After reading Erika a bedtime story I went to the heath for a late evening stroll, realising I hadn't been for a walk at all yet this week. So here's some dark / blurry photos.

The heath by night. The top of Parliament Hill was impressively lively considering it was dark and gone 10pm.

Lots of people happily milling about, enjoying the freedom of the heath.

Of course the photos are all hopeless with a hand held mobile phone, but you'l have to take my word for it that it looked nice at the time.

One final attempt to get a slightly less blurry photo before heading home.