Thursday 8th July 2021
Gevrey Chambertin on the heath, and later on set up my new camping "sleep system".
London July 2021
John's Pictures

Out for a late afternoon stroll.

The top of Parliament Hill.

Had a glass or two of this Rossignol Trapet 2018 Gevrey Chambertin while I was there.

Later on, I set up my new "sleep system" to test it out - you can't really see it much here, other than a bit of silver / yellow poking out of the top of the bivvy bag here, but the main new addition here was my sleeping "quilt", an alternative to a conventional sleeping bag. I thought this would be more comfortable as I generally sleep on my side, and with the addition of a bivvy bag (this is a large one so is already quite wide) ought to be warm enough for summer camping. This whole setup here weighs under 1.5kg in total, and in theory is all I'd need to sleep in the great outdoors: no tent or anything required assuming mild temperatures and no heavy rain or anything.