Gav's Birthday - London July 2009

Gav's Birthday

Friday 31st July 2009

A distinctly Japanese themed night out to celebrate Gav's birthday - yakitori at Bincho followed by karaoke at Karaoke Box in Smithfields.

London July 2009

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19:53:53 Shiitake In Bincho.21:18:26 It's an interesting combination of facial expressions - Chie is about to stab Leon in the head with a sharpened bit of wood.21:19:04 Clearly something being planned with the napkins here.

21:19:12 A bit of origami perhaps?21:19:28 Ahhh I see where they were going with that now.21:19:33 Leon a little bit behind the girls here...

21:19:41 ...but I think you'll agree the result was worth the wait.21:19:47 Marvellous.21:46:50 The scratch Chie got on her arm the other day from a tag on a piece of clothing she was trying on.

22:24:11 Me and one of the large bottles of sake.22:24:16 Not sure we quite got the timing right here...22:24:35 ....that's better. I think Leon was in charge of the camera, I rather like the composition here. Nice work Leon!

22:25:46 This ex-sake barrel was being used as an ice bucket. Nice idea.22:26:05 Not really sure what was going on here with Leon, Gav, and the ice bucket...22:26:11 ...or indeed here.

22:27:44 The masu (wooden sake cups) were a popular feature of the evening. Presumably Chie is demonstrating a Japanese custom here.23:13:11 Now in Karaoke Box, and the singing has clearly begun already.23:17:30 Kyle and friends, don't remember what the song was though.

23:25:01 Gav and Chie with funny coloured drinks.23:26:17 Gav and Rick doing some singing, with enthusiastic tamborine accompaniment.23:29:40 Kyle and co singing again.

23:29:56 Hmmmm it's apparently not that easy to write interesting comments for pictures of karaoke!23:32:24 could argue that indicates that pictures of karaoke are in themselves not that interesting.23:32:30 Here follow more pictures of people who are sitting down rather than standing up.

23:32:39 These people here are also sitting down.23:36:35 ....but already we're back to people standing up. Gav probably needs to adjust his belt a bit.23:39:31 Stew being attacked somewhat - I think this is during that "Danger Danger! High Voltage" song.

23:42:37 I guess this would be one of my songs then.23:42:42 Oh yes there's me signing.23:42:54 This would be Nirvana's Lithium then - the chorus doesn't really need the words up on screen.

23:43:04 I think I did the only song of the evening that required a degree of shouting.23:45:08 I seem to be still singing then...23:50:40 Errr...?

23:50:57 Oh I see - we're onto a Leon and Gav duet now - almost certainly True by Spandau Ballet.23:52:29 ...yes I'm fairly sure that's what it is.00:22:34 Gav still having something of a trouser/belt issue.

00:27:48 Yukari and Chie singing - I don't remember what song they chose!00:39:28 My other song, which was something of an error of judgement.