Rankin Live Private View - London July 2009

Rankin Live Private View

Thursday 30th July 2009

An evening on Brick Lane, attending the opening night party for the new Rankin Exhibition at the Old Truman Brewery.

London July 2009

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15:38:41 15:47:08 18:39:55 A slightly sinister looking picture of Chie having a pre-exhibition bagel. Or do I mean beigel?

18:46:49 Chie outside Beigel Bake, a well know Bagel (Beigel?) bakery on Brick Lane.19:56:07 Inside the exhibition opening party thing now - we weren't really sure if we were allowed to take pictures or not, but lots of other people seemed to be taking pictures in this UV room, so we thought we might as well.20:07:39 Of course not all the exhibition was in that weird UV light room - that would have been a bit oppressive! Not a great picture (again I wasn't really sure if photography was allowed or not) but gives you a bit of a sense of the space.

20:37:05 I guess I was trying to give a sense of the space here as well, but it ended up looking more than a bit pointless.20:50:52 Leaning out of one of the windows to check the entrance - it seems most of the papparazi had gone home by this point.20:51:09 I rather like this picture of Chie leaning out of one of the windows of the Old Truman Brewery, with the many curry houses of Brick Lane behind her.

21:38:13 Inevitably we had to give in to our stomachs (well mainly my stomach) and go and get some dinner. So here we are in Shanpan (I think it was called).21:39:26 Food was really quite good in here.21:53:57 Those kofte over there were very good indeed.

22:25:33 The pictures we'd taken earlier in the little photo booth think in the Rankin exhibition.