Office Summer Party - London July 2007

Office Summer Party

Friday 27th July 2007

A handful of random (not that great) pictures from my company's summer party.

London July 2007

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19:47:32 Chie with some candy floss. I thought this was actually really nice, but opinion seemed to be divided - I think people from different countries seem to have different expectations of (and names for!) candy floss.19:49:37 Me and a jukebox...19:49:42 ...same thing again.

21:02:41 Hmmm....really not sure this was a good idea in retrospect.21:03:20 ....and this was even less so!22:05:06 Chie and one of the lions in the grounds of Imperial College, where the party was held.

22:21:46 Having not really eaten properly, I wanted to get a Sub on the way back, so here's me eating it on the District line.22:21:55 ...hmmm...22:22:02 ...really unnecessary!