Shopping, Afternoon Tea and Pimm's with Vera - London July 2007

Shopping, Afternoon Tea and Pimm's with Vera

Sunday 15th July 2007

A charming day out in London with Vera - a spot of shopping, a lovely afternoon tea, and then rounding off back at home with a glass of Pimm's out in the garden.

London July 2007

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13:11:28 Here we are having a quick coffee on the top floor of Peter Jones on Sloane Square, following a spell of shopping. Don't we look rather smart?13:50:20 Vera and Chie on the bus.14:17:06 Vera and Chie outside Kensington Palace.

14:19:12 Me and Vera in front of the rose gardens (a bit past their best).14:22:39 Chie and Vera strolling down this rather nice tree lined avenue leading up to The Orangery,15:10:33 Inside the Orangery, enjoying out cucumber sandwiches and Tregothnan tea (unfortunately Vera is obscured by the flower!).

15:12:28 Chie and Vera enjoying the very pleasant surrounds.15:17:27 ...not sure if you can tell easily, but the rain is really pouring down outside at this point.15:30:23 Chie and Vera again - onto scones now.

15:42:07 Chie took this one - a few table details.15:42:33 Chie wanted to show off the glittery stone things she had on her nails.15:54:01 Chie and Vera again, this time facing the other way to take in some of the nice interior.

15:54:06 ...a view along the rest of the tables, just to give an idea of the setting.17:35:58 The first jug of Pimm's I ever mixed myself - in our rather nice new jug we bought in Peter Jones today.17:48:49 Chie and Vera enjoying the Pimm's out in the garden. Lovely!