Belgo Centraal - London July 2007

Belgo Centraal

Sunday 8th July 2007

A visit to Covent Garden which involved a trip to Belgo Centraal.

London July 2007

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13:49:22 Oops! Sort of missed a bit...13:49:34 Hmmm well the composition is better, but the lighting is not so great...13:49:54 Me and the rather pleasant Cristal lager.

13:49:57 ...and again.13:51:05 Chie and her Moules Frites.13:51:10 My goat's cheese salad... and frites.

15:02:16 I think I just liked the giant inflatable Asahi bottle here.22:40:34 Me on the computer, with a wee dram.22:41:52 A large (20" x 30" - !) print of one of our wedding photos - just need to get a big enough frame for it now!