London January 2013
January 2013
Pictures from London in January 2013.
John's Pictures

New Year's Day
Tuesday 1st January 2013
Went down to Guildford to see Adrian, Liz, William, Katie, Daniel, Dad and Janie.
Wednesday 2nd January 2013
Went to Chinatown after work for provisions, bought a few things including this vegetarian jerky.
Erika's Cot
Thursday 3rd January 2013
Erika finally transferred to her cot tonight.
Erika at TGIF
Friday 4th January 2013
Erika came along to my office at the end of the day for TGIF.
Sunday 6th January 2013
Went along to the Twelfth Night Wassailing celebrations at Bankside in the afternoon.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Monday 7th January 2013
We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to Erika for the first time.
New Clothes
Wednesday 9th January 2013
Erike got a parcel of new clothes from Grandma today.
Erika's New Dress
Thursday 10th January 2013
Erika wearing a new dress Grandma made for her.
Erika Reading
Friday 11th January 2013
Yalla Yalla and Sloaney Pony
Saturday 12th January 2013
Lunch at Yalla Yalla then drinks in the evening at the Sloaney Pony in Parsons Green.
Sunday Lunch with Seth, Jo and Otto
Sunday 13th January 2013
Went for Sunday lunch at the Draft House in Battersea with Seth, Jo and Otto.
A Light Dusting of Snow
Monday 14th January 2013
Red Lion and Gay Hussar
Tuesday 15th January 2013
Went out with some of the chaps from the office, drinks at the Red Lion on Kingly Street, followed by dinner at the Gay Hussar - a Hungarian restaurant.
Wednesday 16th January 2013
Thursday 17th January 2013
Baby overload.
Friday 18th January 2013
More snow today.
New Jacket from Ede and Ravenscroft
Saturday 19th January 2013
Picked up my new jacket from Ede and Ravenscroft this afternoon.
Snowy Sunday
Sunday 20th January 2013
Went out in the gardens for a bit to build a snowman (well more of a snow pig really!).
Monday 21st January 2013
Just one picture, of some macarons from Pierre Hermé.
Thai Curry
Tuesday 22nd January 2013
Made a Thai curry for dinner.
Wednesday 23rd January 2013
A Negroni in the evening.
Thursday 24th January 2013
Lebanese food for dinner at Ishbilia in Knightsbridge.
Friday 25th January 2013
A couple of pictures of Erika on Friday evening.
Reading to Erika
Tuesday 29th January 2013
Read some books to Erika in the evening.
A Tale of Two Chutnies
Wednesday 30th January 2013
Indian food for dinner, including two chutnies - one made by Mum, the other made by Dad.
Erika's Trousers
Thursday 31st January 2013
Chie bought an excellent pair of herringbone trousers for Erika today (albeit that she'll have to wait a while before they fit her!). Also a flat viewing and we went for tapas for dinner.