South Downs - London January 2011

South Downs

Sunday 09th January 2011

A Sunday morning/afternoon stroll over the South Downs, finishing with lunch at the Devil's Dyke Inn.

London January 2011

11:29:37 Near the start of the walk, where we were following the Sussex Border path up from Fishingsgate up to the South Downs way.11:29:51 11:30:05

11:34:05 This little dog followed us for a while - eventually we got a bit worried and called the number on its collar.11:34:11'll be glad to hear we were able to find its owner.11:53:55

11:54:00 12:03:10 12:25:57 On the South Downs Way now.

12:31:50 Quite taken aback by the strong feelings some people seem to have about escarpments.12:32:53 Viewpoint on the South Downs Way - I like the way you can see our shadows here.12:33:00

12:33:09 Possibly the village church in Fulking?12:35:24 12:36:26

12:38:46 There's nothing like a couple of windswept trees.13:02:13 13:02:18

13:02:23 Can see the Devil's Dyke Inn in the distance here.13:39:06 Sunday lunch at the Devil's Dyke Inn - a thoroughly respectable roast!14:07:54 Atop the Devil's Dyke after lunch.

14:08:31 There was a paraglider here...14:09:06 There he goes...14:09:33

14:09:40 14:21:54 One last view before getting on the bus - really liked the light here!