Saatchi Gallery - London January 2010

Saatchi Gallery

Saturday 30th January 2010

Wandered over to Sloane Square / King's Road to take a look at the new contemporary Indian art exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. Whilst in the neighbourhood we bought a new Dyson vaccuum cleaner in Peter Jones, where we also had lunch.

London January 2010

10:25:16 This morning's breakfast - an attempt at a slightly healthier than usual version of a dry-up (the potatoes are lightly roasted rather than fried).12:58:39 Lovely blue sky this morning, so wanted to get a couple of pictures of the lovely stucco fronted buildings of Pimlico.12:58:46
13:28:17 In the Saatchi Gallery - it's great that you can take pictures here. Starting off with Shezad Dawood's neon in tumbleweed.13:30:51 Probably my favourite in the show: Tushar Joag's "Enlightening Army of The Empire".13:35:30 A cow with a concrete pipe around it's neck, by Huma Mulji.
13:37:21 Also by Huma Mulji, a camel in a box.13:50:15 "Spill" by Subodh Gupta13:51:23 UFO, also by Subodh Gupta
14:20:18 After leaving the Saatchi Gallery, a statue just off the King's Road.14:20:24 15:01:30 In Peter Jones where we decided to have lunch after buying a new Dyson. In Chie's case, lunch was some cake.
15:04:29 Whereas I opted for this vegetarian moussaka.15:06:38 Which was quite nice.15:26:33 There's a rather nice old staircase in Peter Jones, with these interesting windows that caught my eye.
15:38:11 Chie with our new Dyson, waiting for the bus.18:59:44 The Dyson back at home.