Highgate and Hampstead Heath - London January 2008

Highgate and Hampstead Heath

Sunday 27th January 2008

Sunday lunch at the Flask in Highgate, followed by a walk across Hampstead Heath.

London January 2008

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13:27:09 Me and Chie, on the patio, outside the Flask in Highgate.13:27:25 Chie's Sunday lunch - I think she went for the beef.13:27:34 My Sunday lunch - hard to see here but it was a pastry affair. Quite good.

13:47:57 The front of the flask. Unfortunately didn't get any pictures inside.13:48:03 ...and again...13:51:35 ....and again.

14:01:27 On Hampstead Heath now - here are the ponds on the Highgate side.14:03:48 Lots of people out for a Sunday afternoon stroll!14:05:49 Very nice blue sky today.

14:17:41 A tree that looked ripe for a good swing.14:17:49 ...unfortunately not that easy for Chie!14:18:37 ...quite painful on the stomach muscles!

14:22:34 At the Hampstead side of the heath now.