London February 2013
February 2013
Pictures from London in February 2013.
John's Pictures

Veuve Clicquot
Friday 1st February 2013
A crate of Veuve at the office.
Lunch in Canterbury
Saturday 2nd February 2013
Went down to Canterbury for the afternoon for lunch with Leon, Yukari, Aiko and baby Mei.
Sunday 3rd February 2013
Quite a mixed bag - had lunch at Sartori (I really fancied pizza), went to see the Manet exhibition at the Royal Academy, got on the new Routemaster bus, and in the evening made Negronis with Antica Formula.
Lunch with Simon
Tuesday 5th February 2013
Chie and Erika came to my office for lunch, and we met up with Simon.
Wednesday 6th February 2013
Chie's friend Masumi-san arrived from Japan today, and would be staying with us for the next few days.
A Liar's Autobiography
Friday 8th February 2013
I went to see a special screening of A Liar's Autobiography, the animated biopic about Monty Python's Graham Chapman. Including special guest Carol Cleveland!
Dim Sum
Saturday 9th February 2013
Went to Royal China for dim sum today with Masumi-san. Probably picked one of the worst days of the year for it - it being Chinese New Year - and despite arriving at 12:20 had to wait about an hour for a table!
Rory's Christening and Lunch at Sketch
Sunday 10th February 2013
Went along to Rory's christening (one of the babies from our NCT antenatal course group) in the morning - rather grandly held in St Peter's church in Eaton Square, Belgravia. After that met up with Masumi-san and had a leisurely lunch at Sketch.
Valentine's Day
Thursday 14th February 2013
Just two not-very-good-quality mobile phone pictures of the three of us.
Radis Noir
Friday 15th February 2013
Chie bought a black raddish, which we ate some of with dinner tonight.
Grandma Comes to Visits
Saturday 16th February 2013
Grandma came to visit Erika, bringing with her a bag full of knitted elephants!
Vic Reeves: Hot Valve Leak
Sunday 17th February 2013
Went to see Vic Reeves' exhibition at the Strand Gallery in the morning, entitled Hot Valve Leak. Lunch at Cafe Pacifico.
Sherbet Lemon
Monday 18th February 2013
A sherbert lemon which had no sherbert in it.
Delicious sauce
Tuesday 19th February 2013
Odd looking ingredients on some pickles bought in Chinatown.
Tom Yam
Wednesday 20th February 2013
Made tom yam for dinner.
Cowboy Hat
Thursday 21st February 2013
I made a paper cowboy hat for Erika this evening.
Coffee Lab
Friday 22nd February 2013
Oddly took a picture of the coffee lab at work.
Gav and Kyle
Saturday 23rd February 2013
Surprise visit from Gav and Kyle in the daytime!
Hawaiian Burgers and Vegetarian Pork
Sunday 24th February 2013
Hawaiian burgers for lunch, and vegetarian "pork" for dinner.
Monday 25th February 2013
Breakfast at Polaine.
Vic Reeves Plate
Thursday 28th February 2013
Picked up the Vic Reeves artwork I'd bought from the Strand Gallery this afternoon.