East London Thames Pubs - London February 2009

East London Thames Pubs

Sunday 8th February 2009

A very pleasant afternoon out exploring some of the great pubs to be found by the Thames in East London.

London February 2009

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13:51:22 Pub number 1: The Angel.13:52:02 Views back towards Tower Bridge and the City.13:52:10

13:55:17 The lovely little riverside deck out the back of the Angel.14:10:12 14:14:54 Pub number 2: The Mayflower.

14:14:59 14:16:46 14:20:00 The slightly slanty view from the deck at the back of the Mayflower. The deck here is actually partly suspended over the river.

14:24:07 14:29:48 The Brunel Museum very close to the Mayflower - I guessed this was closed today.14:37:47

14:48:15 There's Canary Wharf. I think I realised at this point I had walked too far along, and there was nowhere to cross the river on foot until Greenwich!15:22:55 ...so I got on the tube instead. Here's the inside of the rather grand Canary Wharf station.15:23:59 ...a building in Canary Wharf.

15:43:09 Somewhere near Shadwell (I think), en route to pub number 3.15:48:31 So finally I'd got back on track again, and look - it had taken me well over an hour just to get back to the same point of the river as where I'd started (albeit on the other side now).15:48:42 The river police station.

15:51:52 ...and again, as seen from the back of the Captain Kidd.15:56:18 The little courtyard at the entrance to the Captain Kidd.15:56:32 ...and there's the sign.

16:02:40 Close to the Prospect of Whitby now - I guess this is an art installation.16:02:51 ...up close.16:03:09 So here's pub number 4, The Prospect of Whitby,

16:14:56 The view from the back of the Prospect of Whitby.16:21:32 ...and along the river bank.16:26:45 Here's pub number 5, The Grapes. It's a shame I didn't really take any pictures of the interior as it was a real beaut.

16:29:43 The back of The Grapes - in fact every pub I went to today had a bit at the back looking out over the river, which was nice.16:30:55 The little beach behind the Grapes.16:31:03

16:31:09 16:31:45 A seagull.16:34:33 I thought I ought to include a picture of me to finish on.