Ramsgate - London February 2009


Wednesday 4th February 2009

London February 2009

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12:28:59 I was very pleased to find OLD Monster Munch. These are spectaculary good - even better than I remember them being as a kid.12:29:13 ...and a great bit of marketing to boot - well done Walkers!12:37:50 Battersea power station, always looks nice seen from the train on the way past.

12:37:54 Some workmen on the bridge.12:37:58 13:00:49 There was still snow on the fields as the train passed into Kent.

13:01:20 Quite lovely really.14:49:34 ...so this is the front in Ramsgate.14:50:58 I'm reasonably sure this is a lift.

14:54:28 Boats in the harbour in Ramsgate.14:58:37 14:59:01 There's the beach in Ramsgate.

14:59:07 ...and the sea.15:12:41 Boats again.15:14:19 There were actually some nice houses in some parts of Ramsgate...