London February 2007

Boxes - London February 2007


Tuesday 27th February 2007

The boxes we had shipped over from Japan arrived today, so here's a couple of random pictures of stuff that was in them.

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22:06:45 Years ago Mum bought me this excellent radio controlled clock which I'd taken to Japan with me. As it happens though the signal in Japan is different, so I hadn't turned it on for almost two years and was very pleased to find it still working today. Conversely my watch, also radio controlled, was bought in Japan and thus can't receive the signal here - so tonight I used the clock to set my watch, which was very gratifying.

22:07:14 One of the still unpacked boxes (Chie had done a fabulous job with the rest of them already).

22:06:49 A massage reindeer - I think this was a present from me to Chie many years ago.