London February 2007

Natural History Museum - London February 2007

Natural History Museum

Sunday 11th February 2007

A (very brief) visit to the Natural History Museum on an otherwise very uneventful Sunday in London.

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12:41:28 Chie lounging around in the temporary apartment we had for two weeks after I came back from California.

12:41:39 ...actually looks quite nice in these pictures, but it was a little grotty around the edges and most important of all NO INTERNET CONNECTION!

12:59:19 So here's Chie in the big main hall of the Natural History Museum. As you can see it was pretty crowded.

13:03:02 ...still, nice architecture.

13:03:37 A monkey - very Darwinian.

13:34:39 The Natural History Museum as viewed from the outside.

13:34:48 ...and in portrait.

13:34:52 ...and again...

13:37:35 ...and there's Chie.