Day After (?) The Winter Solstice
Thursday 22nd December 2022
The solstice is actually a single moment in time, rather than a whole day, which happened just before 10pm last night. I'd heard Stonehenge would be observing the solstice at dawn this morning, i.e. the end of the longest night, so assumed that would be the case at Avebury too. As it turned out not a huge amount seemed to be going on, probably not helped by the fact it was grey and damp around sunrise and there wasn't much to see.
London December 2022
John's Pictures

I probably got up a tiny bit too late, not allowing for the fact it always takes a fair amount of time to pack up camp, especially when it's cold and wet. So I was rushing to get back to Avebury in time for the sunrise, but well aware I probably wasn't going to make it.

Silly selfie on the track to Avebury.

I think this was more or less the moment of sunrise, and here I am walking along a muddy track.

So I arrived in Avebury 10 or 15 minutes late for the sunrise, but as this photo hopefully demonstrates there wouldn't have been much to see!

A knitted festive scene atop the post box in Avebury.

A few more shots of the stones at Avebury while I was waiting for the bus back to Swindon.



A crystal hidden in a crevass of one of the stones.


Nice quiet train back to London.