London December 2012
December 2012
London in December as Erika turned 3 months old.
John's Pictures

The Men Who Made Menswear
Saturday 1st December 2012
I went on a walking tour this afternoon around St. James's and Mayfair, following in the footsteps of some sartorial legends.
Sunday 2nd December 2012
Went out to Hertfordshire to visit Chie's friend Akiko-san and her family.
Work Pub Crawl
Monday 3rd December 2012
Took a total of 32 (!) people from my office out for a pub crawl in the evening.
Tuesday 4th December 2012
Just one random picture of a pub sign under construction.
Christmas Party Number 1
Wednesday 5th December 2012
The engineering Christmas party.
Christmas Carols
Thursday 6th December 2012
In the evening went to the Salvation Army carol service in the gardens.
Friday 7th December 2012
Erika helping me out on the computer in the evening.
Emirates Air Line and East London
Saturday 8th December 2012
First time on the Emirates Air Line - the cable car crossing the Thames at North Greenwich - and also did a bit of exploration of East London.
Visiting Tim, Akino-san and Ayla
Sunday 9th December 2012
Went down to South London to visit Akino-san, Tim and their baby Ayla-chan, who was born around the same time as Erika.
Christmas Party Number 2
Monday 10th December 2012
...which I only went to for about 15 minutes. So instead here's just one picture taken in the Seven Stars, where I escaped to afterwards.
White Truffles
Tuesday 11th December 2012
Lunch at Oliveto - had tagliarini with white truffles.
Erika's Hands
Wednesday 12th December 2012
Erika seems to have recently started to use her hands a bit more, rather than just flailing her arms about randomly.
Friday Night with Erika
Friday 14th December 2012
I stayed in this evening to look after Erika while Chie went out to her Hiroshimakenjinkai group's annual bonenkai party.
Saturday 15th December 2012
Just ventured out for a bit in the afternoon - walked to Piccadilly by way of St. James's Park to do a bit of shopping.
Ai-san's Christmas Party
Sunday 16th December 2012
Went along to Chie's friend Ai-san's Christmas party this afternoon, with lots of other babies.
The City
Monday 17th December 2012
First day of my two and a bit weeks off over Christmas. Went to look at a flat just off Fleet Street, then spent the rest of the afternoon having a wander round the City of London.
Lunch at Fortnum and Mason
Tuesday 18th December 2012
Day two of my pre-Christmas week off, went for lunch at Fortnum and Mason with Kyle.
Wednesday 19th December 2012
Erika Skyped to her family in Japan in the morning, lunch with Iris, bit of shopping in the afternoon, made kimchi (including experimental brussel sprout kimchi!) in the evening, and also went out for a bit to karaoke with Kyle and Hannah.
Baby Group Christmas Party
Thursday 20th December 2012
Breakfast at the Regency Cafe, followed by the Christmas party organised by one of the baby groups Erika and Chie go to. Then into the centre in the afternoon for some shopping and ramen for lunch at Shoryu.
Tea and Cake
Friday 21st December 2012
I had to spend all day waiting in for a delivery which ultimately never arrived - thus explaining why the only picture from today is a cup of tea and a slice of battenburg.
Pie and Mash and Rain
Saturday 22nd December 2012
Introduced Erika to pie and mash at Manze's today, then attempted to make the most of a pretty grey and rainy day, having a stroll along the South bank.
Lebanese Coffee and Sushi at Harvey Nick's
Sunday 23rd December 2012
Made Lebanese coffee in the morning, and had sushi at Harvey Nick's for lunch.
Christmas Eve
Monday 24th December 2012
Lunch with some of the other residents of our square, and a festive stroll around St. James's and Westminster in the evening.
Christmas Day
Tuesday 25th December 2012
Erika's first Christmas!
Boxing Day
Wednesday 26th December 2012
Didn't really do anything much!
Christmas Shopping
Thursday 27th December 2012
Made a start on my Christmas shopping today.
Brasserie Zedel
Friday 28th December 2012
Mum and Keith arrived this afternoon, and in the evening we took them to Brasserie Zedel for dinner.
Mum, Keith, Adrian, Liz and the Kids in London
Saturday 29th December 2012
Adrian and Liz brought the kids into London for the afternoon so Mum could spend the day with all four grandchildren.
Lunch in St. Pancras
Sunday 30th December 2012
Went to St. Pancras to see Mum and Keith off, and had lunch at the Betjeman Arms there.
Kyle and Hannah's New Year's Eve Party
Monday 31st December 2013
Went to Dulwich in the evening for a New Year's Eve Party at Kyle and Hannah's place.