Apocaplypse in the Tate Britain
Sunday 30th August 2015
Took Erika for a play date with the kids of a colleague who was visiting from the US. This included a brief visit to the Tate Britain during which Erika had an apocalyptic tantrum. We can never go there again.
London August 2015
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The original plan with my colleague and his family was to get the boat from the Tate Britain to the Tate Moden. Following Erika's mega-tantrum we decided to go our separate ways, but Erika was still determined to get on the boat regardless (having previously said she didn't want to, then decided she did, then she didn't, then she did again). So here she is on the boat, taken by me whilst I sat there as a quivering wreck.

Eventually met up with Chie at Kentish Town, and I attempted to calm myself down with a pint at the Pineapple.