Cufflinks - London August 2010


Saturday 7th August 2010

Quite a varied day out - went to Portobello market in the morning, and bought a pair of antique cufflinks. Had lunch at a vegetarian Japanese place near King's Cross called Itadaki Zen, then coffee at H R Higgins, and champagne at Fortnum and Mason, before returning home to examine the hallmarks on the cufflinks.

London August 2010

12:34:14 Chie in the Earl of Lonsdale, where we stopped off for a quick drink to take a look at the cufflinks I'd just bought.12:38:06 Numerous attempts to get a picture in focus using the camera in my phone.12:38:20
12:38:52 12:39:08 12:39:27
12:39:38 14:13:03 Lunch at Itadaki Zen near King's Cross. This is my vegetable sushi set, with some kimchi on the side there.14:13:15 Chie and her lunch.
19:47:15 Later on, back at home, investigating the hallmarks on my new cufflinks.19:47:30 19:58:39 A couple of pictures of the hallmarks.