Day Out in London with Simon and Vanessa - London August 2009

Day Out in London with Simon and Vanessa

Saturday 29th August 2009

Our friends Simon and Vanessa were in London today, having arrived the previous evening. Packed quite a lot in today - started with breakfast at the Regency Cafe, followed by a tour of the Houses of Parliament (a real highlight!) then a boat trip on the Tate-to-Tate service with some very nice views of Parliament from the river. After that a wander around Borough Market, lunch at the historic George Inn, and then Simon and Vanessa went for a tour arounf Vinopolis.

London August 2009

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09:21:07 Chie, Simon and Vanessa having breakfast in the Regency Cafe.10:02:21 The hall at Westminster Palace, where we waited for our tour to start - unfortunately this is the only place you can take pictures inside.10:02:26 ...another of the hall.

12:00:40 Chie trying to work out if my camera was working :).12:00:55 The little park beside the Houses of Parliament - Victoria Tower Gardens - after finishing our tour.12:30:30 As Simon and Vanessa wanted to go to Borough Market and Vinopolis we decided it might be nice to take the Tate to Tate boat, which was a fairly short walk from the Houses of Paliament.

12:30:54 Simon and Vanessa on the boat.12:33:19 The good thing about this boat is that you get very pleasant views from the river of the Houses of Parliament.12:34:40 You can just about see a red/white and a gren/white strip marquis along the riverfront there - the red and green theme is to distinguish the House of Lords (red) from the House of Commons (green) - and that colour theme runs throughout Parliament.

12:35:34 Had to take this in a bit of a hurry before we went under Westminster Bridge.12:36:01 ...the other side of Westminster Bridge now.12:36:12 That's not bad is it? As Simon and I were discussing at the time, it's hard with the sense of perspective here to make sure things are at the right angle, and you haven't ended up making Big Ben look like the leaning tower of Pisa.

12:36:24 ...but I think it's more or less straight in both of these pictures.12:37:07 It was actually quite a pleasant day weatherwise - a rarity for this summer!12:37:21 I really like this picture Chie took of me, Vanessa and Simon, with the Houses of Parliament in the background.

13:15:16 Later on in Borough Market, a slightly random picture of the Monmouth Coffee Company to end on!