Whisky Club - London August 2007

Whisky Club

Saturday 18th August 2007

Lunch at the Green in Clerkenwell and then an afternoon of malty pleasure at the Whisky Society.

London August 2007

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12:48:21 At the Green, where we had lunch - here's Chie's colleague, along with his wife and friend who was visiting from Japan.12:50:22 My lunch - a goat's cheese and beetroot tart. The shoestring fries were particularly more-ish.14:53:53 In the club now - not sure if you can make out the impressive collection of empties there...

16:13:15 Taken outside the club as we were leaving - nice as you can see Chie's reflection in the glass.16:41:10 Random picture on mine and Chie's way back, at Monument (faily evidently so!).